Family Constellations Therapy in Toronto

Family Constellations therapy in Toronto, is not just a therapy; it is a transformative experience that helps you tap into the wisdom of your family system to bring about healing and change. Bert Hellinger created this therapeutic method.

You don’t have to face your struggles alone. I am dedicated to helping you find peace, clarity, and resolution through the power of systemic family therapy.

Here, I believe in the power of Family connection to heal and transform lives. I am ready to facilitate and I am here to guide you on your journey toward understanding and growth.

Let me help you unlock your potential and find the answers you have been searching for!

How Systemic Family Therapy

can help you?

Family Relationships

Love Relationships



Professional Conflicts

Health Issues & Addictions

Individual Sessions

Who are online/in-person individual sessions for?

  • One-on-one sessions are for you who want to work your issues privately.
  • For you who want a personalized look at your cases.
  • For you who feel lost and do not know where to begin.
  • For you who desire personal guidance on your journey to wholeness.
  • For you who aim for better relationships with your loved ones.
  • For you who aim to improve many areas of your life with the deepest understanding and a holistic view of your family.
  • Finally, for you who wish to deep dive and discover how your family’s hidden dynamics are impacting your life.

Group sessions

What to expect from group sessions/workshops?

  • I offer two types of Family Constellations therapy in Toronto Workshops: non-thematic and theme-based sessions.
  • In the non-thematic workshops, we set up constellations with topics/issues that arise from participants.
  • In theme-based workshops, we work together on a particular topic/issue to provide insights and generate inner shifts that will improve your life.
  • By observing participants representing family members or aspects of your issue, subconscious dynamics and new paths toward solutions are brought to light.
  • There is a resonance among group members and every constellation that we set up will connect with hidden ancestral memories in the group.

Testimonials and Inspirations

Heidi Kim
Heidi Kim
I’m not sure how to explain the experience, but the group session was amazing. Great company and conversations. Daniela is a very patient and caring facilitator.
Nathalie Khalil
Nathalie Khalil
Daniela has been gratefully guiding me through a journey of self discovery. Thank you and looking forward to more sessions
Liliana Spanton
Liliana Spanton
Daniela was absolutely amazing during our session. She has such a nice energy which made me super comfortable the whole time. She was very open and very understanding and she helped me express myself and what I was feeling in a safe and non-judmental space. I would definitely go back for another 1-1 session or for a group family constellation session. Thank you Daniela for helping me so much!
Kirandeep Singh - PAS South (2095)
Kirandeep Singh - PAS South (2095)
I had an awesome experience and would HIGHLY recommend the family constellation session to all my family and friends. The session has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I was able to get perspective and heal as I continue my journey. Daniela is talented and brought positive energy into the room. She was kind, caring and handled the session with care.
Post Martinista
Post Martinista
Daniela was a great Family Constellations facilitator and the group participants were all warm, genuine, and present! I will attend again soon.
Leslie Chen
Leslie Chen
Thank you Daniela for helping Figuring all this things were hiding inside me this years , and understand the causing and repeat patterns in my life that wasn’t want I wanted but I am unctuously keep doling it. And the best party is not only finding all the reason , is to have a completed closure so I can star fresh move in to the life I wanted . Thank you Daniela , I will definitely refery friend to see her .
nisrine maktabi
nisrine maktabi
I asked daniela if I can leave her a review - she’s great-Family constellation is amazing and daniela is the real deal- my group session was bang on- and I felt like a new person for the rest of the day- and I’m hopeful that with the work I’m doing and with the proofs I got that the energy is real and my higher power is really there - and truly watching over me- and Daniel is really genuine thank you-
Spiritual Toronto
Spiritual Toronto
Love working with Daniela! She is extremely empathetic and really tunes in to what is happening with her clients. Her warmth and calmness definitely also add to the experience. Thank you Daniela!
Daniela Georgescu
Daniela Georgescu
I had a great session today with Daniela. She is very compassionate and led me very skillfully throughout the session. She asked the right questions that triggered an almost instantaneous healing. I am very grateful for having met her. Daniela Georgescu
Jenn Enchin
Jenn Enchin
I think everyone on this planet should do one family constellations session! The world would be a better place. My session with Daniela was so profound and she is just so knowledgable about the Family Constellations modality. I felt very comfortable in her presence. Would recommend this type of therapy to, like I said, everyone on the planet !! XD

I am passionate about using this powerful method to help people awaken their consciousness by identifying and solving problems that block them from reaching their goals.

A few years ago, I began my search for self-knowledge. I’m fascinated by everything this search has provided and still provides me in all areas of my life. I have discovered that my soul has the strength to be reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes…

I believe in the power of the Universe and in the energy that surrounds and connects all of us. And above all, I believe in LOVE. It exists unconditionally! I think that every dream can come true if you put out all your efforts into it.

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