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What is Family Constellations?

Our lives are made of a complex network of relationships with family members, friends, and coworkers.

Family Constellations is the science of relationships that helps us to release ourselves from conflicts through consciousness. 

It is a powerful methodology to free yourself from repetitive patterns, behaviours, emotions and limiting beliefs that are blocking your life in some way and you have unconsciously taken on from your family system.

How does it work?

In a Family Constellations session, we can perceive and organize what is in disarray, including excluded people, organizing the hierarchy of precedence and balancing the exchange between people in the family system. 

The session shows us what is behind our problems, where we can use either people or figures used to represent those people and problems to identify the main issues of conflict.

Many of the hidden Orders of Love come to light through a Family Constellations session.

3 Orders of Love!

Bert Hellinger, who is the founder of Family Constellations, discovered basic rules of life, which he calls “The Orders of Love” (Belonging, Hierarchy, and Balance) that organize or disorganize relationships in a family, business, or society system.

The Orders of Love exist independently of our wishes or fears and many of them we consciously follow, knowing that if we violate them, our love will suffer. Other orders often remain hidden from us and we violate them unconsciously, often resulting in the failure of our relationships.

The Orders of Love are universal laws and are the basis for success in life on all levels.

How Family Constellations

can help you?



Family Relationships

Love Relationships

Professional Conflicts

Health Issues & Addictions

Individual sessions

Who are online/in-person individual sessions for?

  • One-on-one sessions are for you who want to work your issues privately.
  • For you who want a personalized look at your cases.
  • For you who feel lost and do not know where to begin.
  • For you who desire personal guidance on your journey to wholeness.
  • For you who aim for better relationships with your loved ones.
  • Finally, for you who wish to deep dive  and discover how your family’s hidden dynamics are impacting your life.

What happens in an online/in person individual session?

  • In an online one-on-one session, You and I work together.
  • Together, we will build your Constellation using figures which represent pressing issues or whatever is affecting your life.
  • You will place the figures according to your inner image, bringing to light the hidden dynamics that are blocking you in different areas of your life.
  • Individual Constellations sessions take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. You can connect with me from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home.
  • I am based in Toronto, Canada, and you can choose sessions in English or Portuguese.

Group sessions

What to expect from Family Constellations Workshops?

  • I offer two types of Family Constellations Workshops – non-thematic and theme-based sessions.
  • In the non-thematic workshops, we set up constellations with topics/issues that arise from participants.
  • In theme-based workshops, we work together on a particular topic/issue to provide insights and generate inner shifts that will improve your life.
  • By observing participants representing family members or aspects of your issue, subconscious dynamics and new paths toward solutions are brought to light.
  • There is a resonance among group members and every constellation that we set up will connect with hidden ancestral memories in the group.

What happens in online/in-person group sessions?

  • We set up constellations on any issue that arises for participants or on a particular topic.
  • Together, we will do some group systemic exercises on topics that resonate with the entire group in order to shift what is holding you back in any or a particular area of your life.
  • You can participate as a mindful observer, a representative of other constellations, and/or an issue holder
  • Whether you participate as an observer, representative or set up a constellation, everyone in the group is moved by the resonance field and receives benefits and insights.
  • Group Constellations sessions take approximately 2-3 hours. 
  • Bring an open heart to see your issue through a different lens.

Testimonials and Inspirations

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Daniela Storti

I am passionate about using this powerful method to help people awaken their consciousness by identifying and solving problems that block them from reaching their goals.

A few years ago, I began my search for self-knowledge. I’m fascinated by everything this search has provided and still provides me in all areas of my life. I have discovered that my soul has the strength to be reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes…

I believe in the power of the Universe and in the energy that surrounds and connects all of us. And above all, I believe in LOVE. It exists unconditionally! I think that every dream can come true if you put out all your efforts into it.

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