Individual sessions

Who are online/in-person individual sessions for?

  • One-on-one sessions are for you who want to work your issues privately.
  • For you who want a personalized look at your cases.
  • For you who feel lost and do not know where to begin.
  • For you who desire personal guidance on your journey to wholeness.
  • For you who aim for better relationships with your loved ones.
  • Finally, for you who wish to deep dive  and discover how your family’s hidden dynamics are impacting your life.
  • Online individual sessions are for those seeking personal support with flexible scheduling, privacy, and convenience, or who cannot access in-person services due to geographical or physical limitations.
  • In-person individual sessions are for those seeking personal support, who prefer the human interaction and intimacy of an in-person session, or who need a more hands-on approach.

What happens in an online/in-person individual session?

During an online or in-person individual family constellations session, I, as the facilitator, will help you, the seeker, explore and understand your unconscious beliefs and emotions related to your family and personal history

I may use various methods, such as representing family members with objects/figurines or standing in positions, to help you gain insight into your relationships and patterns.

The session’s goal is to bring awareness to and resolve any entanglements or systemic issues impacting your life.

The online session is conducted through video conferencing calls and the in-person is conducted in a private setting where you and I can interact in person.

There are 3 main steps for a successful family constellations session:

  • You will clearly share brief information about your problem and what is happening in your life.
  • Together, we will uncover the root cause of your problems and what is unconsciously hidden.
  • I will facilitate and guide you through the session putting your family system in order with some healing sentences.

I am based in Toronto, Canada, and you can choose sessions in English or Portuguese.

More Details:

  • In an online one-on-one session, You and I work together.
  • Together, we will build your Family Constellation using figurines which represent pressing issues or whatever is affecting your life.
  • You will place the figurines according to your inner image, bringing to light the hidden dynamics that are blocking you in different areas of your life.
  • Individual Constellations sessions take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. 
  • You can connect with me from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home or personally in Toronto/Ontario.

After Your Session:

After a family constellations session, the individual typically experiences a sense of increased insight and understanding into their family dynamics and personal issues. They may also feel a sense of relief as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Some people report feeling a deeper connection to their family and a greater appreciation for their ancestors.

However, the process of addressing deep-seated issues and resolving family dynamics is not always a straightforward or easy one, and the effects of a single-family constellations session may not be immediate or long-lasting. Some individuals may require additional sessions or may need to engage in additional therapeutic work to address their issues fully. I will address this individually and personally, if necessary.

In the aftermath of a family constellation session, engaging in self-care, such as rest, exercise, and relaxation, and discussing any feelings or insights that emerge with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist is essential. Suppose the individual feels that they need additional support. In that case, they may choose to attend further sessions, seek out alternative forms of therapy, or engage in other forms of self-exploration and growth.

Participating as an observer or representative in group sessions, either before or after your individual session, is highly recommended because it might bring additional insights to your healing journey.

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Testimonials and Inspirations

Heidi Kim
Heidi Kim
I’m not sure how to explain the experience, but the group session was amazing. Great company and conversations. Daniela is a very patient and caring facilitator.
Nathalie Khalil
Nathalie Khalil
Daniela has been gratefully guiding me through a journey of self discovery. Thank you and looking forward to more sessions
Liliana Spanton
Liliana Spanton
Daniela was absolutely amazing during our session. She has such a nice energy which made me super comfortable the whole time. She was very open and very understanding and she helped me express myself and what I was feeling in a safe and non-judmental space. I would definitely go back for another 1-1 session or for a group family constellation session. Thank you Daniela for helping me so much!
Kirandeep Singh - PAS South (2095)
Kirandeep Singh - PAS South (2095)
I had an awesome experience and would HIGHLY recommend the family constellation session to all my family and friends. The session has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I was able to get perspective and heal as I continue my journey. Daniela is talented and brought positive energy into the room. She was kind, caring and handled the session with care.
Post Martinista
Post Martinista
Daniela was a great Family Constellations facilitator and the group participants were all warm, genuine, and present! I will attend again soon.
Leslie Chen
Leslie Chen
Thank you Daniela for helping Figuring all this things were hiding inside me this years , and understand the causing and repeat patterns in my life that wasn’t want I wanted but I am unctuously keep doling it. And the best party is not only finding all the reason , is to have a completed closure so I can star fresh move in to the life I wanted . Thank you Daniela , I will definitely refery friend to see her .
nisrine maktabi
nisrine maktabi
I asked daniela if I can leave her a review - she’s great-Family constellation is amazing and daniela is the real deal- my group session was bang on- and I felt like a new person for the rest of the day- and I’m hopeful that with the work I’m doing and with the proofs I got that the energy is real and my higher power is really there - and truly watching over me- and Daniel is really genuine thank you-
Spiritual Toronto
Spiritual Toronto
Love working with Daniela! She is extremely empathetic and really tunes in to what is happening with her clients. Her warmth and calmness definitely also add to the experience. Thank you Daniela!
Daniela Georgescu
Daniela Georgescu
I had a great session today with Daniela. She is very compassionate and led me very skillfully throughout the session. She asked the right questions that triggered an almost instantaneous healing. I am very grateful for having met her. Daniela Georgescu
Jenn Enchin
Jenn Enchin
I think everyone on this planet should do one family constellations session! The world would be a better place. My session with Daniela was so profound and she is just so knowledgable about the Family Constellations modality. I felt very comfortable in her presence. Would recommend this type of therapy to, like I said, everyone on the planet !! XD

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