Transform Your Life with Individual Family Constellations Sessions

Is Individual Sessions Right for You?

  • One-on-one sessions are for you who want to work your issues privately.

  • For you who want a personalized look at your cases.
  • For you who feel lost and do not know where to begin.
  • For you who desire personal guidance on your journey to wholeness.
  • For you who aim for better relationships with your loved ones.
  • Finally, for you who wish to deep dive  and discover how your family’s hidden dynamics are impacting your life.
  • Online individual sessions are for those seeking personal support with flexible scheduling, privacy, and convenience, or who cannot access in-person services due to geographical or physical limitations.
  • In-person individual sessions are for those seeking personal support, who prefer the human interaction and intimacy of an in-person session, or who need a more hands-on approach.
Individual Sessions | Family Constellations

What are the Benefits of Individual Sessions?

One-on-one family constellations sessions offer several unique benefits, especially when working within the field of family dynamics and personal growth.

Personalized Attention: Individual sessions allow me to focus solely on your specific issues, providing tailored guidance and support in a more personalized approach.

Deep Emotional Support: In a private setting, you may find it easier to express deep-seated and vulnerable emotions, knowing that I am there to provide undivided support and understanding.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Without the presence of a group, you can dive deeper into personal matters, exploring sensitive topics that might be uncomfortable in a group setting.

Flexibility and Convenience: These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, making it easier to fit into a busy lifestyle. 

Safe and Confidential Environment: It offers a private space to discuss and work through personal and family issues without the concern of sharing them with a group. For online sessions, you can join from the comfort of your home in a familiar and safe environment.

Enhanced Comfort: For you who may feel intimidated or overwhelmed in group settings, one-on-one sessions provide a more comfortable space for exploration.

Immediate Feedback: You receive direct and immediate feedback and insights from me during the session, which can accelerate the healing and understanding process.

Focused Healing Progress: The session can progress at your pace, focusing on your needs without any distractions.

These benefits make one-on-one family constellations sessions a powerful tool for personal development and healing within the context of family dynamics.

How Daniela's One-on-One Sessions Work 

During an online or in-person individual family constellations session, I, as the facilitator, will help you, the seeker, explore and understand your unconscious beliefs and emotions related to your family and personal history

I may use various methods, such as representing family members with objects/figurines or standing in positions, to help you gain insight into your relationships and patterns.

The session’s goal is to bring awareness to and resolve any entanglements or systemic issues impacting your life.

The online session is conducted through video conferencing calls and the in-person is conducted in a private setting where you and I can interact in person.

There are 3 main steps for a successful family constellations session:

  • You will clearly share brief information about your problem and what is happening in your life.
  • Together, we will uncover the root cause of your problems and what is unconsciously hidden.
  • I will facilitate and guide you through the session putting your family system in order with some healing sentences.

I am based in Toronto, Canada, and you can choose sessions in English or Portuguese.

More Details:

  • In an online one-on-one session, You and I work together.
  • Together, we will build your Family Constellation using figurines which represent pressing issues or whatever is affecting your life.
  • You will place the figurines according to your inner image, bringing to light the hidden dynamics that are blocking you in different areas of your life.
  • Individual Constellations sessions take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. 
  • You can connect with me from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home or personally in Toronto/Ontario, Canada.
Images of the Tools Individual Sessions | Family Constellations

What to Expect in Your First Session Step by Step

In your first one-on-one Family Constellations session, you can expect a unique and personal experience.

Introduction and Setting the Intention: The session will likely start with a conversation where you share your concerns or the issues you wish to address. This helps set the intention for the session.

Creating Your Family Constellation: I, the facilitator, may use figurines, objects, or even symbolic markers to represent family members and other significant elements of your family system. In a one-on-one setting, since there are no group participants to act as representatives, these objects stand in their place.

Exploring Dynamics and Patterns: I will guide you to arrange these representations in a way that reflects your internal image of your family dynamics. This process helps to bring unconscious family patterns and entanglements to light.

Facilitator’s Guidance: I may ask you questions, suggest movements or changes in the constellation setup, and provide insights. I also use healing sentences or gestures to help shift the dynamics and bring resolution and lightness to the issue.

Processing Emotions and Insights: Throughout the session, you may experience a range of emotions as hidden dynamics are revealed. It’s a process of discovery and can be quite moving and emotional.

Reflection and Closure: At the end of the session, there’s usually a time for reflection. I discuss with you the insights gained and how they might apply to your life.

Post-Session Experience: After the session, it’s common to continue processing the experience internally. Some changes or insights might be immediate, while others may unfold over time.

Confidentiality and Personal Space: One-on-one sessions offer a confidential and safe space for you to explore sensitive family issues without the presence of a group.

Recommendations for Aftercare: I may suggest self-care practices or further sessions, depending on your experience and needs. There might be a systemic exercise recommendation to do after the session to help internalize what was revealed in the session.

Remember, each Family Constellations session is unique, and your experience may vary based on your personal history and the dynamics of your family system.

The key is to approach the session with an open mind and willingness to explore the depths of your family dynamics.

Family Constellations Individual Sessions

Navigating Your Path Forward: Post-Session Guidance

After a family constellations session, the individual typically experiences a sense of increased insight and understanding into their family dynamics and personal issues. They may also feel a sense of relief as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Some people report feeling a deeper connection to their family and a greater appreciation for their ancestors.

However, the process of addressing deep-seated issues and resolving family dynamics is not always a straightforward or easy one, and the effects of a single-family constellations session may not be immediate or long-lasting. Some individuals may require additional sessions or may need to engage in additional therapeutic work to address their issues fully. I will address this individually and personally, if necessary.

In the aftermath of a family constellation session, engaging in self-care, such as rest, exercise, and relaxation, and discussing any feelings or insights that emerge with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist is essential. Suppose the individual feels that they need additional support. In that case, they may choose to attend further sessions, seek out alternative forms of therapy, or engage in other forms of self-exploration and growth.

Participating as an observer or representative in group sessions, either before or after your individual session, is highly recommended because it might bring additional insights to your healing journey.

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Please Note:

  • Should the appointment times listed in the calendar below be inconvenient due to your time zone, please reach out to me so we can arrange a more suitable time for you.
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Testimonials and Inspirations

I have had one group and two private sessions with Daniela so far. They were all profound, eye opening and healing. I recommend her work if you’re interested to bring awareness in areas of your life that you feel stuck in the same pattern.
I had a wonderful experience that I will never forget! I got my answers about the situation I am in and I know what I have to do next to get better. It is a life time experience for sure!!
Roxana Aldan
Roxana Aldan
I had a great session with Daniela. She is very knowledgeable and a great facilitator. I left feeling lighter and happier. Cannot wait for my first group session! I would recommend Daniela to family and friends.
I had such a great session with Daniela. She is super sweet and friendly. Her gentle and caring approach made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She patiently guided me through the whole process. I am grateful for the experience and for all the profound insight I received. I highly recommend working with Daniela. Thank you!
Karla H
Karla H
Daniela is the sweetest , I felt very safe, comfortable and alot of compassion when working with her. she gave me all the time i needed ,and her inputs and reflections were so on point. Thanks Daniela for the wonderful work you do , you are truly talented.
Daniela Storti such a beautiful soul.Fathers day special constellation session was just an amazing experience . I feel blessed to be part of the special group and special energy.
Fatima Shahzadi
Fatima Shahzadi
Miraculous experience , god bless you with great work on healing us , definitely looking forward for another class
Jiya Jain
Jiya Jain
Daniela is a deeply caring and in-tune person who is gifted at facilitating family constellations in a way that brings about profound clarity and transformation. It's magical work and I highly recommend Daniela.
Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly
Daniela is great! She is very knowledgeable, caring and patient. She takes the time to explain and connect with every session. I recommend booking sessions with her. Thank you Daniela.
juliana reis
juliana reis
Having Daniela's support has been a great tool in my personal and spiritual growth path. She is very knowledgeable in the subject and my constellation session was an eye opener and of great help to heal old wounds. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about themselves and harmonize their family system.
Adriana Limongi
Adriana Limongi