The power of Gratitude

Thanksgiving and Family Constellations

The season of gratitude is upon us as Thanksgiving approaches, a time for reflection on the blessings we’ve received and the joys of life. This act of giving thanks aligns closely with a form of experiential therapy known as Family Constellations. This post explores gratitude’s critical role in both Thanksgiving traditions and Family Constellations. The […]

Adoption: A Dance of Love, Emotions, and Healing

Dear Readers! We’ve been sharing a lot about the whole Learn more about Family Constellations thing and how it helps us understand the unseen patterns in our family systems. Today, let’s chat about adoption– something different but still very close to the heart. So, buckle up, folks! The Complexity of Emotions in Adoption When you […]

The impact of Secrets in Families.

Secrets in Families | Family Constellations

Welcome to our blog! Today, we delve into the profound influence of secrets on our lives and relationships. As a Family Constellations facilitator, I have witnessed how hidden truths can disrupt family harmony and lead to various disorders. In this post, we will discuss secrets in families and the importance of restoring order and healing. […]

Parents and Children: Healthy family dynamics

Parent and Children | Family Constellations

Dear reader, Understanding the bond between parents and their children is crucial because it is this relationship that often shapes our personality, dreams, and the way we view the world. It’s a deep connection that lays the foundation for our future. However, sometimes this relationship can face hurdles, becoming a bit complicated and not as […]

Myths and Truths About Family Constellations

Myths and Truths | Family Constellations

Dear Seekers, In recent times, the approach of understanding and healing through Learn More About Family Constellations has garnered attention. Despite its rising popularity, there are several myths surrounding this approach. In this blog post, we will debunk five common myths and shed light on the truths behind them. Myth 1: It is a Religious […]