About Daniela Storti

I have always been a SEEKER. I began my search for self-knowledge in my early teenage-hood. I’m fascinated by everything this search has provided and still provides me in all areas of my life. I have discovered that my soul has the strength to be reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes…

I strongly believe in the Universe’s power and the energy that surrounds and connects all of us. And above all, I genuinely believe in LOVE. It exists unconditionally! 

“Thank you to my parents and siblings for the greatest and most special gift of all. My ancestors, I am grateful and appreciate everything you passed through for me to be here today.

I carry on all of you in my heart. With your love and strength within me, I can pass along to others and dedicate myself to my life purpose”.

Life is a joyful, healing journey!

Come and enjoy it with me.

About Daniela Storti Story

In 2005, I was invited by a close friend to a group session workshop . It was when I had my first contact with Family Constellations. I had my first constellation set up by a German Facilitator in Brazil, and at that time never imagined that I would one day be a facilitator.

I was young and could not explain what happened other than saying it was a life experience. That workshop changed my life!

After some years of participating in constellations as a client and feeling significant shifts in my life, I faced a career change challenge. It was when I became a Life Coach and decided to become a Family Constellations Facilitator. My dream is to help others shift their lives as I did mine.

I began my training in 2015 and have been trained and certified by Simone Arrojo, Hellinger Schule docent, and Bert Hellinger and Sophie Hellinger from Hellinger Sciencia® Schule in Brazil.

In 2017, I immigrated to Canada and continued the worked I started back in my origin country, but now based on a vision to open hearts and facilitate reconciliation and transgenerational healing in Toronto/Ontario.

Furthermore, this became my life purpose, and I felt a calling to expand my spirituality and help others awaken their consciousness using this powerful methodology with a positive impact on people’s lives and their families.

Daniela Storti Background

2015 – São Paulo, Brazil

Training course in Systemic Family Constellations with Simone Arrojo – Professor at Hellinger Schule Brazil (February to December)

  • Module I: The Systemic Look and The Orders of Love
  • Module II: Scalar Heart Connections by Stephen Linsteadt®
  • Module III: Healthy and Sickness, Family Secrets, and Addictions
  • Module IV: The Love that Sickens, The Love that Heals
  • Module V: The Love of the Spirit / Healing Begins in the Essence
  • Module VI: Love Relationships
  • Module VII: Financial Prosperity, Inheritances, Professional Success
  • Module VIII: The Orders of Help and How to be a Family Constellations Facilitator
  • Module IX: Family Constellations in the Judiciary
  • Module X: Family Constellations in Organizations
  • Module XI: The New Family Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger

2016/2017 – São Paulo, Brazil

Training course by Constelador Familiar Hellinger® (Hellinger Schule Brazil) – Hellinger Sciencia®

  • Module I: The Fundamentals of the Family Constellations and The Orders of LoveSophie Hellinger and Angelica Olvera, December 2016
  • Module II: Make Room for the FatherAngelica Olvera, February 2017
  • Module III: Relationship of Couples and Parenthood – Helping Parents and Children – Wolfgang Deusser, May 2017
  • Module IV: The Orders of HelpMimansa Farny, June 2017
    Module V: Orders in Organizations, Companies, Institutions, and Government – Gehard Walper, September 2017


Training course in Systemic Family Constellations with FigurinesDr. Fernando Freitas from the Brazilian Institute of Systemic Consciousness (IBRACS)

  • Full training about Systemic Family Constellations with the integration of the figurines as a tool to conduct the individual sessions, online or in person, by Dr. Fernando Freitas, October 2020 to March 2021

Seminars – São Paulo, Brazil

  • Family Constellations Seminar with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, September 2016
  • Seminar for Women with Sophie Hellinger, April 2017

Testimonials and Inspirations

Daniela Storti such a beautiful soul.Fathers day special constellation session was just an amazing experience . I feel blessed to be part of the special group and special energy.
Fatima Shahzadi
Fatima Shahzadi
Miraculous experience , god bless you with great work on healing us , definitely looking forward for another class
Jiya Jain
Jiya Jain
Daniela is a deeply caring and in-tune person who is gifted at facilitating family constellations in a way that brings about profound clarity and transformation. It's magical work and I highly recommend Daniela.
Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly
Daniela is great! She is very knowledgeable, caring and patient. She takes the time to explain and connect with every session. I recommend booking sessions with her. Thank you Daniela.
juliana reis
juliana reis
Having Daniela's support has been a great tool in my personal and spiritual growth path. She is very knowledgeable in the subject and my constellation session was an eye opener and of great help to heal old wounds. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about themselves and harmonize their family system.
Adriana Limongi
Adriana Limongi
Foi uma experiência super válida! Dani conduziu de forma tranquila e serena. Fiquei muito à vontade. É uma excelente profissional!
Vanessa Farias
Vanessa Farias
I’m not sure how to explain the experience, but the group session was amazing. Great company and conversations. Daniela is a very patient and caring facilitator.
Heidi Kim
Heidi Kim
Daniela has been gratefully guiding me through a journey of self discovery. Thank you and looking forward to more sessions
Nathalie Khalil
Nathalie Khalil
Daniela was absolutely amazing during our session. She has such a nice energy which made me super comfortable the whole time. She was very open and very understanding and she helped me express myself and what I was feeling in a safe and non-judmental space. I would definitely go back for another 1-1 session or for a group family constellation session. Thank you Daniela for helping me so much!
Liliana Spanton
Liliana Spanton
I had an awesome experience and would HIGHLY recommend the family constellation session to all my family and friends. The session has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I was able to get perspective and heal as I continue my journey.Daniela is talented and brought positive energy into the room. She was kind, caring and handled the session with care.
Kirandeep Singh - PAS South (2095)
Kirandeep Singh - PAS South (2095)

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