Experience the Power of Family Constellations Workshops

Discover the Transformative Experience in our Family Constellations Workshops

In a group setting, participants often stand in for family members of the person undergoing therapy. This dynamic can lead to profound insights and emotional resolutions, as individuals project and process familial issues through these stand-ins. Here are key advantages of group sessions/workshops.

  • Shared Experience: Participants often find comfort and understanding in the shared experiences of the group.

  • Collective Healing: There’s a powerful synergy in group sessions, where the healing of one person can lead to insights and healing in others with similar situations.

  • Diverse Perspectives: Group members bring different viewpoints and experiences, enriching the therapeutic process.

  • Mirroring and Projection: Seeing one’s family dynamics played out by others can be a powerful mirror, offering new perspectives and understandings. 

  • Support Network: The group provides a support network, where individuals feel less isolated in their struggles.

  • Emotional and Psychological Insights: Group workshops can lead to significant emotional and psychological breakthroughs, offering participants a deeper understanding of their family patterns and personal issues.

Types of Workshops:

  • I offer two types of Family Constellations Workshops: non-thematic and theme-based sessions.
  • In the non-thematic workshops, we set up constellations with topics/issues that arise from participants.
  • In theme-based workshops, we work together on a particular topic/issue to provide insights and generate inner shifts that will improve your life.
  • By observing participants representing family members or aspects of your issue, subconscious dynamics and new paths toward solutions are brought to light.
  • There is a resonance among group members and every constellation that we set up will connect with hidden ancestral memories in the group.
  • Workshops take approximately 3-4 hours.
Workshops | Family Constellations

Exploring the Dynamics of Online and In-Person Workshops

Workshops | Family Constellations
  • We set up constellations on any issue that arises for participants or on a particular topic.
  • Together, we will do some group systemic exercises on topics that resonate with the entire group in order to shift what is holding you back in any or a particular area of your life.
  • You can participate as a mindful observer, a representative of other constellations, and/or an issue holder
  • Whether you participate as an observer, representative or set up a constellation, everyone in the group is moved by the resonance field and receives benefits and insights.
  • All participants have an important role in group sessions, bringing insights and healing for themselves and helping others collaboratively. We will work in our healing journey together as a community.
  • Group Constellations sessions take approximately 1 hour each. 
  • Bring an open heart to see your issue through a different lens.

Navigating the Transformative Process: Key Steps in our Group Constellations Sessions

The Group Sessions of family constellations typically involve the following steps:

  • Assessment: the facilitator begins by gathering brief information about the individual’s background, history, and current situation, as well as the nature of the issue that they wish to address.

  • Setting intentions: the seeker sets an intention for the session, such as to understand a particular problem, to gain insight into a relationship, or to heal a family dynamic.

  • Representation: the seeker selects representatives, usually volunteers from the group, to stand in for different family members and significant others. These representatives are used to represent the various members of the seeker’s family system and to help bring unconscious patterns and relationships to the surface.

  • Constellating the system: the facilitator guides the representatives in positioning themselves in relation to one another, based on the information and insights that are gathered from the seeker and from the representatives themselves. This process can involve movements, gestures, or other forms of nonverbal communication that help to reveal the underlying dynamics of the family system.

  • Processing and reflection: the facilitator helps the individual and the representatives to reflect on the patterns that have emerged and to gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious dynamics that exist within their family system. The seeker may also receive insights and suggestions for how to address the issue that they are struggling with.

  • Closure: the session is closed with a final reflection and a release of the representatives.

The seeker leaves with a deeper understanding of their family system and a clearer sense of what they need to do to address their issue.

It is important to note that every family constellation session is unique and may involve different steps and variations, depending on the individual and the issue being addressed.

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The Role of the Facilitator Guiding Your Journey

The facilitator plays a crucial and multi-faceted role.

  • Guide the Process: I’m responsible for guiding the entire constellations process. I set the stage, explain how it works, and create a safe and respectful environment for all participants. I ensure the space is conducive to emotional openness and safety, managing group dynamics, maintaining confidentiality, and ensuring a non-judgemental atmosphere.

  • My Expertise: I have a deep understanding of family systems and I’m skilled in recognizing family dynamics and patterns that might be influencing the participants behaviour and impacting their lives.

  • Identify Representatives: I help the client selecting representatives for their family members. This requires an intuitive understanding of the group members and the dynamics at play.

  • Navigate Emotional Landscapes: I help all participants to navigate complex emotional landscapes and provide support and guidance to handle intense emotions.

  • Offer Insights: I provide insights into the family dynamics and behaviours observed during the sessions pointing out patterns, suggesting alternative perspectives, and/or highlighting unconscious dynamics.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: I understand and respect diverse cultural backgrounds and family structures as these factors can significantly influence family dynamics. Our group sessions and workshops are open to everyone with different cultures and backgrounds.

  • My Training and Experience: I have an extensive training in family constellations and continue my journey on self-reflection as part of my development as a facilitator and human being. Please check out my page About Me for more details.

  • Support and Follow-Up: I offer post-session support or guidance to help participants to integrate insights and changes into their daily lives.

  • Ethical Responsibility: I hold a strong ethical responsibility towards all my clients to ensure the work is conducted with integrity and respect for all your family systems.

Daniela Storti Facilitating a Family Constellations Group session

The Representation in Constellations Work

  • Typically, the issue holder intuitively chooses representatives for their family members. The selection is based on an inner image or impulse based on what they are feeling at the moment. 

  • As the facilitator, I may guide or assist in choosing representatives, if necessary. I might include members throughout the session. Often, participants may have the urge to volunteer or feel drawn to represent a particular family member or element in the session if they are resonating with the case.

  • Generally,  representatives do not need prior knowledge about the issue holder’s family members or history. The process is less about factual accuracy and more about tapping into the emotional and energetic field of the family system.

  • The representatives experience emotions or physical sensations that resonate with the family members of the issue holder. They can unconsciously enact the dynamics, relationships, and emotional states of the roles, and this mirroring effect can resonate and reveal hidden or unconscious aspects of family dynamics. This work helps the issue holder to unfold unknown aspects by visualizing and understanding complex relationships and patterns.

  • The work brings insights and resolution to conflicts based on adjustments made during the sessions. The roles of the representatives can help the issue holder process emotions and gain new perspectives on their family situation, fostering healing and understanding. 

  • It’s important to note that representatives are not acting or performing a role. Their participation is more about being present and open to whatever feeling or sensation arises during the sessions.

  • Participating as representatives in different workshops is highly recommended because each time can bring new insights, helping to peel off another layer on your healing journey.
Daniela Storti preparing to start a family constellations group session

Embracing the Journey: Post-Session Reflection and Growth in Family Constellations

After a family constellations session, the individual typically experiences a sense of increased insight and understanding into their family dynamics and personal issues. They may also feel a sense of relief as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Some people report feeling a deeper connection to their family and a greater appreciation for their ancestors.

However, the process of addressing deep-seated issues and resolving family dynamics is not always a straightforward or easy one, and the effects of a single-family constellations session may not be immediate or long-lasting. Some individuals may require additional sessions or may need to engage in additional therapeutic work to address their issues fully. I will address this individually and personally, if necessary.

In the aftermath of a family constellation session, engaging in self-care, such as rest, exercise, and relaxation, and discussing any feelings or insights that emerge with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist is essential. Suppose the individual feels that they need additional support. In that case, they may choose to attend further sessions, seek out alternative forms of therapy, or engage in other forms of self-exploration and growth.

Participating as an observer or representative in group sessions, either before or after your individual session, is highly recommended because it might bring additional insights to your healing journey.

Testimonials and Inspirations

I have had one group and two private sessions with Daniela so far. They were all profound, eye opening and healing. I recommend her work if you’re interested to bring awareness in areas of your life that you feel stuck in the same pattern.
I had a wonderful experience that I will never forget! I got my answers about the situation I am in and I know what I have to do next to get better. It is a life time experience for sure!!
Roxana Aldan
Roxana Aldan
I had a great session with Daniela. She is very knowledgeable and a great facilitator. I left feeling lighter and happier. Cannot wait for my first group session! I would recommend Daniela to family and friends.
I had such a great session with Daniela. She is super sweet and friendly. Her gentle and caring approach made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She patiently guided me through the whole process. I am grateful for the experience and for all the profound insight I received. I highly recommend working with Daniela. Thank you!
Karla H
Karla H
Daniela is the sweetest , I felt very safe, comfortable and alot of compassion when working with her. she gave me all the time i needed ,and her inputs and reflections were so on point. Thanks Daniela for the wonderful work you do , you are truly talented.
Daniela Storti such a beautiful soul.Fathers day special constellation session was just an amazing experience . I feel blessed to be part of the special group and special energy.
Fatima Shahzadi
Fatima Shahzadi
Miraculous experience , god bless you with great work on healing us , definitely looking forward for another class
Jiya Jain
Jiya Jain
Daniela is a deeply caring and in-tune person who is gifted at facilitating family constellations in a way that brings about profound clarity and transformation. It's magical work and I highly recommend Daniela.
Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly
Daniela is great! She is very knowledgeable, caring and patient. She takes the time to explain and connect with every session. I recommend booking sessions with her. Thank you Daniela.
juliana reis
juliana reis
Having Daniela's support has been a great tool in my personal and spiritual growth path. She is very knowledgeable in the subject and my constellation session was an eye opener and of great help to heal old wounds. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about themselves and harmonize their family system.
Adriana Limongi
Adriana Limongi